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Yachting International Radio is a Multi Media Platform. We are on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as having our Website and Radio Platform.

We focus on the industry, as well as a major topic being the environment and how we can continue to live our best lives, but do so while being more careful with the world around us.

Yachting International Radio is YOUR voice!

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The age demographics that we are targeting are between 18 – 54. A shift has taken place in the past few years within the Luxury market seeing Superyachts and Yachts being purchased by a far younger demographic, with different desires, and as well the crew that are flooding the market from around the world being at the younger age of the scale. The music that is played on our station is Adult Pop, and is updated weekly with all the latest tracks from the UK and US markets.

We bring a wide variety of music, world wide news, marine weather in your area, and with our various presenters, multiple different personalities, music choices and views of the world. We also have interviews with industry leaders, crew agents, financial advisors, and just some human interest stuff!

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Yachting International Radio Is Your Voice!

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